Internacional play out to a goalless draw against América de Cali in the Libertadores

Despite having one man down for almost the entire second half, Inter held on as they could to pull a 0-0 draw against América de Cali on Tuesday at Pascual Guerrero. The match was valid for the 5th round of Group E of Libertadores.
América de Cali x Inter - Libertadores
© Ricardo Duarte / Sport Club Internacional

Inter started as the livelier side and looked intent to get a goal for themselves early on. On the other hand, América stopped the game so many because the game was flowing with fouls – some soft, some harder. They tried pressing through aerial ball, crosses coming in from left and right without much effect in the game.

The game was dull and there were hardly any moves that tested either goalkeeper.

Except for a misplaced chance from Sierra defended by Lomba and another from Segovia inside the area after a corner kick.

In the second half, Inter made some changes with Boschilia in for Praxedes to be more aggressive and less pragmatic in their approach. But in the 58th minute, every form of optimism of getting into the game with the hope of winning was lost when Leandro Fernández sent off for his foul on Marlon Torres.

After Leandro Fernández’s dismissal, Inter had to remain strong in defence and was successful thanks to Marcelo Lomba and Rodrigo Moledo who both performed almost perfectly keeping the opposition at bay. América de Cali were in danger of almost conceding, First with Ramos, in a header defended by Lomba. Then, with Moreno, who hit the crossbar after a detour in Moledo. At the end, it finished as a goalless stalemate.

For their next Libertadores outing, Inter face Universidad Católica already eliminated in San Carlos de Apoquento. América visits Grêmio at the Arena.


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