How the state championships work in Brazilian football

The state championships in Brazilian football are about underway and this article takes a look at all of them within the country.
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The elite competition of Brazilian football as a whole is popularly known as the Brasileirao. A total of 20 teams compete for the top prize and the team with the most points is crowned champions after the end of 38. Flamengo are the current holders of the Brazilian title.

The top four sides in the Brasileirao (Brazilian Championship) have automatic spots to the Copa Libertadores, two teams will make it to the qualifiers of the same competition while six other sides will partake in the Copa Sudamericana. To go with, four teams will also be relegated to the Serie B.

Let’s take a look at the Brazilian state championships

The state championships are put together in the 27 federal units of the country.  In no particular order, the most followed championships are the Carioca, Paulista Gaucho and Mineiro Championship.

These state competitions last for about three months and also follow a system of relegation and promotion.

The Paulista championship is quite peculiar due to its numbers and it is the only state competition that has four divisions.

Each edition of the different championships is made up of a group stage with double matches, meaning all teams will play each other in a home and away tie. The qualifiers from each group will take on each other (elimination process) until a champion emerges at the end of it all.

It’s important to note that the upper division naturally begins the state championships while the lower division is played much later on so they don’t interfere with the Brazilian Championship.

The 27 state tournaments are:

1st          Paulista Championship

2nd        Baiano Championship

3rd         Carioca Championship

4th         Paraibano Championship

5th         Paraense Championship

6th         Amazonense Championship

7th         Paranaense Championship

8th         Mineiro Championship

9th         Pernambucano Championship

10th       Cearense Championship

11th       Piauiense Championship

12th       Capixaba Championship

13th       Acreano Championship

14th       Maranhense Championship

15th       Sergipano Championship

16th       Potiguar Championship

17th       Gaucho Championship

18th       Championship of Santa Catarina

19th       Alagoan Championship

20th       Matogrossense Championship

21st       Goiano Championship

22nd      Amapaense Championship

23rd       Rondonian Championship

24th       Brazilian Championship

25th       Roraimense Championship

26th       Sul-Matogrossense Championship

27th       Tocantinense Championship