Gremio edge out Juventude in Copa do Brasil round of 16 first leg

Grêmio defeated Juventude 1-0 on Thursday night at the Arena in the first game of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

Isaque scored in just eight minutes of play, thus, making Tricolor in need of a draw in the return leg one week from now in Caxias do Sul in order to advance. Breno lost the chance to equalize for the alviverde team when he lost a free goal in the goal area. 

Matheus Henrique was a surprise inclusion in the Grêmio squad after recovering from Covid-19.

Just eight minutes into the game, Isaque set up a counter attack for the home side, having a one-two with Pepê, and receiving the ball in the area before placing the ball past Marcelo Carné making it 1nil. Dalberto almost equalized in the 19th minute. Vanderlei came close in the 28th minute but wasted his efforts. 

As the first half was edging to the end, Grêmio started to threaten more with individual efforts from Pepê and Ferreira. Both efforts were stopped by goalkeeper Carne. 

In the second half, Grêmio returned from the break in style. After leading on the scoreboard, they held possession of the ball to prevent being exposed to Juventude’s quick counterattacks. Renato made substitution in the 25th minute, placing Thaciano and Jean Pyerre in the places of Ferreira and Isaque 

Later into the game, the home side became relaxed allowing the visiting team to counter but Breno placed his shot wide and wasted his teams effort after getting pass the goalkeeper. 

Juventude returns to Serie B on Sunday as they receive Guarani at Alfredo Jaconi for the 19th round. While Grêmio continues in Porto Alegre to play in Serie A as they face Bragantino on Monday for the last fixture of the first round. 

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