Grêmio beat Universidad Católica in the Libertadores and advance to the next round

Grêmio got to their best in the second half and beat Universidad Católica 2-0, on Wednesday night, in the Arena.

Tricolor improved after the half time instructions in the locker room, took advantage of the situation and the chances created to put themselves in a good position after suffering initially in the first half. The result led to the Gremista qualification in Group E of the Libertadores.

In the first half, Universidad Católica didn’t waste much time to make their first attempt on goal and forced Vanderlei to make his first save following a corner kick.

All dead balls were much alive and dangerous in the first half of the game. Grêmio, after suffering for 10 long minutes, created chances of their own with opportunities coming from Alisson and Diego Souza. Orejuela also kept goalkeeper Dituro busy and prowled the Gremista goal area with danger.

In the second half, Tricolor put the ball in the net in the early stage of the second 45 minutes with Pepê as the goal scorer. They controlled the entire game after taking the lead.

Tricolor were clinical in their chances created, and put away another goal after some couple of plays put together, with Rodrigues, and were able to put the game in the bag until the final whistle.

With the victory, Grêmio stand at ten points in Group E while Universidad Católica remain with four.

Grêmio will play again on October 22, against América de Cali, at the Arena, for the Libertadores. Católica will go against Inter on the same day and time at San Carlos de Apoquindo, in Chile. Grêmio play against another Gre-Nal in the season, at the Arena, for the Brasileirão, on Saturday.


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