Grêmio and São Paulo play out to a goalless draw in Morumbi

São Paulo and Grêmio had to settle for a draw on Saturday night at Morumbi in a game between two possession minded teams who always want to keep hold of the ball at all times. However, both sides failed to score and capitalize on the chance to rise on the Brazilian Championship table.
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The clash between both teams for the 17th round was one of the most anticipated fixtures of the competition.  A fixture that involved two teams with well assembled teams and with the well versatile players in the Serie A but they both failed to impress. Much was expected from Fernando Diniz and Renato Gaúcho but they didn’t justify the hype. 

São Paulo started with the upper foot in the first half, having almost all the possession with 86% of the ball after 15 minutes of play.

With Daniel Alves on the side, Tricolor managed to put Grêmio on their toes, then advanced and found space with quick passes and moving the ball around. However, they still struggled to get the ball into the net, LucianoBrenner and Bruno Alves tried with no result.. 

In the second half, both teams resumed to action, a shot from Igor Gomes required a great save from Vanderlei and another save from Kannemann after Geromel’s header. Renato Gaucho’s team was more incisive. 

São Paulo and Grêmio continued with the pressing and creation of several chances without getting anything out of it, with some resulting to constant errors especially from São Paulo favoring Grêmio. The game remained in a draw after the final whistle was brown. It ended 0-0. 

Both teams return to the field midweek, for the last round of the Libertadores group stage. São Paulo hosts the Binacional on Tuesday, for Group D. While, Grêmio, host América de Cali in its Arena, on Thursday for Group E . 


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