Coritiba edge out Atlético-GO to move outside the relegation zone of the Brazilian Championship

Coritiba defeated Atlético-GO 1-0 on Saturday night at Couto Pereira for the 19th round of the Brasileirão. Matheus Galdezani was the scorer of the only goal of the match.   
© Coritiba

The defensive midfielder hit the crossbar in another move, an attempt that would have secured the win for the home side.    

Wilson was solid in the game and the goalkeeper was another standout performer that helped to secure the three points after pulling two great saves.   

The win puts the home side out of the relegation zone while the Dragon wasted their chance to go up to top six and falls down to the bottom half of the table with the loss.   

Atlético-GO started out offensively even after playing away from home.

They had most of the ball possession, but it was the home side that had the first laugh.   

Matheus Galdezani scored for his side just eight minutes into the first half. Jean had a touch of the ball, but that didn’t prevent the goal from going in.   

The Dragon still had pushed further for their equalizer, but goalkeeper Wilson was having a game of his life keeping the opposing team away from scoring in his goal.   

Galdezani came close in adding to his tally before the break, with a shot from outside the area but his effort stamped the crossbar.    

In the second half, it was pretty the same. Atlético-GO kept all the possession and Coritiba played on the counterattacks.   

The game went cold after few minutes into the second half with little or no chances created. The home side did not take advantage of their counter attacks, and the away side did not use their possession of the ball effectively.   

Towards the end of the game, the Dragon pushed for an equalizer but hit only the crossbar.   

Coxa went on to keep their very important victory.