Ceará come from a goal down to seal late come-back win against Corinthians

This Sunday, Ceará won three crucial points that could be key for them in the Brazilian Championship.
Ceara x Corinthians - Brasileirao (11/10/20)
© Felipe Santos / Ceará SC

With one player less since the 62nd minute of the second half, Vozão had a failure by the goalkeeper Cássio in the final minutes and beat Corinthians 2-1 from a goal down at Castelão .The result pushes Timão into the relegation zone. 

Corinthians started the game better, with more possession, pushing Ceará to the defense,

but the first chance was from the home team. Sobis headed in the crossbar and, on the rebound, Luiz Otávio headed in the small area for Cássio’s great defense. When Vozão grew, Fernando Prass failed to kick Léo Natel badly, and Corinthians opened the scoring in the 14th minute. 

 Ceará got the tie with the help of Gil, at 34. Léo Chú crossed from the left, and the defender put it into his own goal. With more agility in the front, the turn almost came out in the 37th minute after Vina’s effort. Cassio spread it out. 

The second half saw lots of talking points as Eduardo got a red card in the 62nd minute and Ceará were reduced to 10 men.  

When the game seemed to be heading for a draw, Cássio missed a pass in the area and committed a penalty in Kelvyn. Fernando Sobral knocked and turned the tie around. It got worse for Corinthians as goalkeeper Cassio was also given a red card in the last minute of the game. 

With the victory, Ceará jumps to 11th place, with 18 points. Corinthians, now in the relegation zone, is 17th, with 15 points. 

With the match against São Paulo postponed, Ceará only returns to play on the weekend. Vozão faces Fluminense, Saturday in Maracanã. Corinthians will face Athletico on Wednesday at Arena da Baixada.


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