Botafogo draw with Vasco in São Januário and advance to the Copa do Brasil round of 16

Botafogo played out to a goalless draw against Vasco in São Januário on Wednesday night. The result saw Fogão advance to the round of 16 with a 1-0 aggregate which they secured when the teams met last week.

The first half was very balanced, game cut in the middle and few chances created. Needing the result, Vasco tried to attack but things didn’t go their way.

With the advantage, Botafogo kept their composure and looked to break on the counter. 

The biggest chance of danger from the opening stage came in the 37th minute of the first half, when Andrey risked a long shot and forced Gatito to parry it to the corner. 

In the second half, the match was more open. In the 55th minute, Benítez kicked from outside the area and took a shot. Moments later, Honda took a free kick and the ball went close to the goal. In the final stages, Pedro Raul headed over the top. In the end, Vasco still tried a final pressure but failed to get the all-important goal they needed. 

Asides advancing to the next round, Botafogo also won for themselves a hefty sum. The prize for teams that advance to the round of 16 of the Brazil Cup is R $ 2.6 million. 

Botafogo’s opponent will be chosen by lot next Thursday, October 1st. It is worth remembering that the next phase of the Copa do Brasil will now include the Brazilian teams that took part in the Libertadores. 

Both teams return to the field next Sunday for the 12th round of the Brazilian ChampionshipVasco take on Bragantino in an early clash in São Januário. In a later clash the same day, Botafogo goes to the Olympic Games to face Atlético-GO. 

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