Bahia thrash Melgar to secure a spot in the knockout stages of the South American Championship

Bahia had a wonderful first half to remember as they beat Melgar 4-0 on Thursday night at the Fonte Nova Arena.
Bahia x Melgar - Sudamericana 20 - 05/11
© Felipe Oliveira / EC Bahia

The Bahian team needed to win by at least two goals to continue in the competition but they did more than that. The home team scored all four goals in the first half and dominated the action throughout needing to only manage the match.   

Bahia scored just 12 minutes into the first half to round off the pressing from the very first minute.

 Fessin took advantage of Juninho Capixaba’s corner kick and sent his effort straight to goal. Eight minutes laterGregore doubled the home side’s advantage after Daniel’s corner. There was still time for another, Fessin scored after dribbling his markers in the 34th minute before Gilberto rounded off the score line of the first half with his effort assisted by Daniel. 

The home side ended the first half as 4-0 victors.   

In the second half, Bahia maintained their dominance over Melgar. The chances of the game didn’t come as easy as the first half but the home side stroked the ball on target couple of times forcing a save from Caceda 

In the 64th minute, Saldanha lost an unbelievable goal via a chance that should have been taken easily to extend his side’s dominance. Niño crossed low to the striker who was facing the goal without a goalkeeper but he somehow missed his target. It was a routine victory for Bahia in summary. 

Bahia will face Unión Santa Fe in the next phase of the South American Championship. The team will return to the field this Sunday, when they host Botafogo at the Fonte Nova Arena.