Bahia stun Atletico Mineiro with comeback to stage a 3-1 win at home

Bahia produced one of the most shocking results of the 17th round of the Brazilian Championship.
Bahia x Atlético-MG - Brasileirão 20 - 19/10
© Pedro Souza / Atlético Mineiro

Bahia and Atlético-MG entered the field in Pituaçu on Monday night with different goals. The home team was looking for victory to get away from the relegation zone and start thinking about moving further up the table. The Rooster aimed to recover the noblest position in the classification and move just one point below the top spot. 

 The team from Minas Gerais had a very good first half, scored a goal with Savarino and lost chances to extend their lead.

In the final stage, the Bahians dominated the game in surprising fashion.

The comeback came with Daniel and an inspired substitute in Gilberto who left the bench and decided the game with a brace that saw the match end in a 3-1 scoreline in favor of Bahia. 

With tonight’s victory, Bahia moved up four positions and are now away from relegation in the Serie A. They are currently 12th with 19 points.

The match against Fortaleza for the 18th round will be rescheduled and the Bahian team will only return to the field for the national competition on October 3 when they face Santos. The match will take place at 19h (from Brasília) in Vila Belmiro. 

At Atlético, the result was expensive and they will go home shocked and disappointed. The team from Minas Gerais left the leadership of the Brasileirão and is now third in the table with 31 points. Although, they have one match less than Inter and Flamengo who are leader and vice respectively. In the next round, Galo receives Sport at Mineirão. The game is scheduled for next weekend in an evening game. 


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