Atletico-MG set to announce Renato Gaucho as Sampaoli replacement

With Jorge Sampaoli headed for Marseille, Gremio boss Renato Gaúcho is primed to take over from the Argentine as Atletico-MG boss.
Renato Portaluppi - Grêmio
© Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA

With Jorge Sampaoli’s time in the Brazilian Championship coming to an end, a certain Brazilian in Renato Gaúcho is set to replace him as Atletico-MG manager.

Sampaoli’s current contract with Galo is still valid until the end of the year (2021) but it’s more than expected to come to an end imminently.

We already reported about an offer from Olympique Marseille which the Argentine tactician will most likely accept after the conclusion of the Brazilian Championship.

It’s reported that Atletico-MG were already in talks to extend Sampaoli’s contract by a further year. However, the 60-year-old gradually brought those talks to an end over recent weeks.

As it stands, Sampaoli leaving Atletico-MG way before his contract expires is something the club are open to at the moment. The reason is simply because the Brazilian outfit will get about R $ 4 million from his departure.

The fee would serve as the severance package for the remainder of the manager’s contract.

So far so good, Atletico are pleased with Jorge Sampaoli’s reign at the club but believe the manager could have done better, especially given his high cost from a Brazilian standard.

A suitable name to come in as his replacement is Renato Gaúcho. The Brazilian manager has similar tactical nous to Sampaoli and even better that he’ll be more economical from a financial point of view.

Renato’s philosophy and tactical ideology makes him the clear favorite to replace Sampaoli. He is a manager who values attack and knows how to work with the players at his disposal.

To go with, Rodrigo Caetano, Atletico’s director of football, has a good relationship with Renato and that makes a deal even more likely.

Renato Gaúcho has a contract with Grêmio until the end of February and that could mean he already has his mind set on his next destination. However, Grêmio still have the Copa do Brasil against Palmeiras to contend for.

No matter what happens with Renato before the end of February, he will lead Tricolor for their two fixtures against Palmeiras (1st leg on the 28th of February and second leg on the 3rd of March).