Copa do Nordeste set to resume on the 21st of July

Copa do Nordeste is set to resume and the 21st of July after a while of inactivity.
Copa Nordeste
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The date was set this week and the next phase of the competition is set to resume. All remaining games in the group will be Salvador and the competition is set to run until 4th of AugustSixteen clubs are set to participate in the tournament when it resumes.

With five dates still yet to be completed, the Copa do Nordeste will end shortly before the start of Serie A which will start on the 9th of August. While the likes, of Brasileiro B and C are set to resume on the 8th of August.

As has been the case with other competitions, all games are expected to be played in only selected stadiums. The four stadiums that have been chosen to host games are: Arena Fonte NovaBarradão and Pituaçu in the Bahian capital. In the city of Feira de SantanaJoia da Princesa will also play host to matches.

Teams have been preparing for the competition quite differently. Of the 16 teams, only 14 have returned to group training with Ceará and Fortaleza, the first clubs in the region to return to training.

Elsewhere, the likes of River-PI and Imperatriz still don’t have a day set to resume training. Imperatriz for instance, are also battling financial situations and don’t have enough resources to test their players and staff for Covid-19 like other clubs are doing. Hence, there is uncertainty surrounding both clubs.

In terms of standings, Fortaleza leads Group A while Confiança leads Group B. Elsewhere, the likes of Ceará and Bahia are the only teams with guaranteed places in the quarter-finals of Nordestão.


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