Rio de Janeiro to allow one-third of fans in stadiums starting from July

Mayor Marcelo Crivella has granted the permission for one-third of fans to attend matches in stadiums starting from July 10th.

Fans have been unable to attend games for the past three months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But the relaxing of measures and gradual opening of activities means fans can be welcomed in phases to stadiums once again.

The decision was confirmed on Friday and announced to the public via a statement.

“OPEN WITH RESTRICTIONS: Sports training centers open for training, without public, being prohibited the use of sauna, swimming pool and hot tub. Sports competitions with maximum capacity of 1/3, without exceeding the rule of 4m² per person.”

“Sale of tickets only online or self-service boxes Leisure and sport activities in swimming pools, object sharing prohibited. Clubs, associations, racecourses, rental courts and open counterparts, contact sports are prohibited. Training schools are still closed in closed spaces. ”

Rio de Janeiro is set to be the first city in the country to welcome back footballing activities proper.

Following the restart of the Carioca Championship by Flamengo, the likes of VascoFluminense and Botafogo are all expected to play on Sunday to complete the fourth round of the competition.

On Wednesday, the next round of fixtures would go on and the semi-finalists for the competition would be decided.

Mayor Marcelo Crivella is said to welcome football resuming back in action as a way to keep people to stay at home.

Games would still go in three stadiums only as planned. In Maracanã, 1/3 of the stadium’s capacity corresponds to 22 thousand people. In São Januário7 thousand fans. While at Nilton Santos, it tallies to 14 thousand.

It must be added that all decisions said above are subject to change.

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