FERJ and clubs to hold meeting over Carioca’s return on Monday

The Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Ferj) will hold a meeting on Monday before the Arbitral Council, with Serie A clubs regarding the potential resumption of the Carioca Championship.

The latest decision comes after the state government was pleased with plans made by Serie A sides to ensure a safe return of the competition. The next agenda now is for proceedings to be finalized and potential dates put forward and agreed on for the Carioca Championship to resume.

Serie A clubs in the state as well as the athletics organizations have already been informed ahead of the meeting. The meeting is set to hold virtually on Monday by 5:00 pm (Brasília time).

Some topics that could be discussed in the meeting include:

  • Health certificate from the club delegation (passport) established in the Safe Game protocol (phase 2): model, content and responsibility.
  • Extra Tournament (§ 2 of article 50 of the REC).
  • Substitutions.
  • Number of non-professional athletes.
  • Registration and Registration (art. 21 and 36 of the REC).
  • Registration and registration of athletes by a different association than the one that played in the same championship.
  • Matters pertinent to the conclusion of group Z.
  • Other matters pertinent to the complementary matches of the Carioca Championship that could be discussed by a favorable preliminary decision of the majority.

All of these comes after Mayor Marcelo Crivella previously said, the return of sporting activities would be discussed on the 17th and the appropriate decisions would be analyzed properly.

As per one of the steps to be taken in the “Safe Game” protocol recently proposed between Ferj and clubs, it’s been said that only MaracanãNilton Santos and São Januário would be used as venues when the Carioca Championship resumes.

There is a strong possibility that Flamengo v Bangu could yet be the first fixture to mark the return of the competition.

In a note, Ferj maintains that until the Arbitration Council holds next Monday, reports flying around about return dates for the Carioca Championship are nothing but mere speculation and should not be taken seriously.

The Carioca Championship has been since the 16th of March when the pandemic halted football in the country. There are still two rounds of the Rio Cup, second round of the competition, and final stages to be concluded when the competition resumes.

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