Corinthians gear up to resume training on Monday

Corinthians are rounding up their final preparations as the club look to resume training on Monday.

The CT Joaquim Grava is expected to open its doors once again next after three months of no activity due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the moment, players and staff of the club have been asked to be in São Paulo by weekend at the latest.

This comes following news that representative of clubs in São Paulo will meet with Mayor Bruno Cavas and his team to finally agree on the terms for clubs in the region to resume training.

There is no official announcement to categorically say that the June 15 date has been approved. However, the said meeting above is expected to hold on Thursday and would most likely come with a further announcement.

Should Monday June 15 be granted for training to resume, the first steps expected to be taken by clubs would be testing of players and staff for coronavirus.

The likes of PalmeirasSantos and São Paulo have also been briefed about it all and all clubs are expected to hold tests for players on the same day so everyone can resume full activity at around the same time.

Moving further, Corinthians are fully convinced training will resume on Monday and have already spoken to players and staff to prepare ahead.

For training proper, there will be some changes at the CT Joaquim Grava to ensure everything resumes under the safest conditions possible.

As was initially done in Europe and in other parts of the world, players would train in small groups and there would be minimal contact as much as possible. The same would apply to the gyms and the changing rooms. This is all to prevent crowding as much as possible to prevent any further spread of the coronavirus.

The same rule goes for the staff as only a little amount of personnel would be allowed for now. The plan is to further increase numbers with time.

Monday makes it exactly three months without activity in the Corinthians CT. The last time the players trained there was on March 14, the day before facing Ituano, at Arena Corinthians.

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