Federação Paulista await permission from Brazil government to resume training

Reports have confirmed that the São Paulo Football Federation (FPF) formally sent in a request on Monday asking permission from the government to resume training.

Football in the state remains suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic but the latest move by the FPF all but shows action could yet resume soon enough.

As per the report, the FPF put in a request to the São Paulo state government on Monday and the potential date for training to resume is currently put at June 15th.

The FPF believe they have complied with all the necessary health guidelines laid down by the state and are ready to resume training while still adhering to them.

In Europe, contact training has already resumed all over and this is some sort of green light football is ready to resume globally.

The detail of the document sent by the FPF to the Sao Paulo government is quoted as seen below:

“Having complied with all the health determinations of the government of São Paulo, the clubs and the Federation also emphasize that the training, if released, will start with individual activities, outdoors, respecting the strictest health guidelines of public authorities”.

It is also reported that there is no mention yet about a timeline for games to return proper and the request was more or less for training alone.

Should the government grant the permission, the idea is for all players and staff to be well tested before training. This procedure has already been going on in domestic leagues and competitions all over Europe as well.

Next Thursday, representatives from Corinthians, Palmeiras and São Paulo are expected to hold a meeting with the mayor of the city of São PauloBruno Covas. A lot of topics are on the agenda to be discussed and one of them has been said to be the issue of clubs resuming training.

The final thing left will be an official statement by the government granting approval to the FPF’s request. Should training resume, it won’t be long before there’s talk of action returning to the pitch as well.

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