Rio de Janeiro clubs aim for June 17th restart upon government approval

Rio De Janeiro clubs are aiming to restart the Campeonato Carioca on the 17th of June, but it would all come down to a final approval from the government.

The competition has been suspended since the 16th of March and as it stands, there is still no official set date for its resumption.

On Saturday, the Arbitral Council of the Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FERJ) held a virtual meeting that saw Serie A sides give their approval for the competition to restart.

FlamengoVasco and a host of other sides are said to be in support of the Campeonato Carioca opening its doors for action once again as soon as possible.

However, the likes of Botafago and Fluminense are not fully in support of the push for a return to action. In Europe, domestic leagues only voted on a return after numbers in respective countries looked to be on the decline. Based on that, these sides are of the opinion that the situation in Rio De Janeiro must take a similar route before they can start thinking of how to get back on the field of play.

With uncertainty still revolving around the matter, it would come down to a final decision based on majority of votes.

Despite what clubs may decide, the final green light depends on the government. Following a decrease in numbers lately, it is more than likely the approval would be granted.

In the press conference by Mayor Marcelo Crivella and his team on Sunday, the secretary of Health, Flavio Graça detailed that there was a positive turn as numbers were gradually on the decline. He then concluded by saying any decision would only come after all the numbers concerning the pandemic have been evaluated and deemed ‘safe’ enough to resume play.

“If everything goes well, we will open the arenas with only a third of the public. Tickets will be sold entirely online, to avoid crowding at the box office or on the day around. This is all being planned to provide maximum security” Flavio said.

The imminent decision comes after the governor of the state, Wilson Witzel, eased a number of measures which included sporting activities as well.

Laid down plans to restart the Campeonato Carioca

Should the decision to restart the competition on the 17th of June get granted, there are already laid down plans that would ensure the season is completed in safe conditions.

  • Players, staff and all press that would be present in stadiums would have to be tested days prior to each game.  Failure to do so means the personnel in question would not be allowed into the stadium
  • Each team will be allowed a maximum of 40 personnel under their delegation. Each side will have 32 passes to the locker room and there will be eight players on the bench plus another five as members of the coaching staff.  To prevent congestion, arrivals must take place an hour before the game and there would be no unnecessary breaks in-between matches.
  • The plan is for games to be held at only three venues: MaracanãNilton Santos and São Januário. Starting July, fans can be allowed in stadiums but only with one-third of the usual capacity

Later on Monday, these plans would be sent to the state government for approval. There are positive hopes that within a week, there should be an official date announced for the Campeonato Carioca to resume action.

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