Léo Sena will join Altético-MG, Goiás’ President Confirms

Goias midfielder Leo Sena is set to join Atletico-MG at the end of the year, club president Marcelo Almeida confirmed on Tuesday afternoon.

As per the details of the confirmation, the 24-year-old will join Atlético-MG in a five-year deal worth $4 million.

Based on confirmed reports, Goiás are expected to receive an initial payment of R$3.4 million in cash, with the remaining R$600 thousand coming in installments. Still going by the contract, Atlético-MG will be entitled to 80% of the midfielder’s image rights, while Goiás will retain the remaining 20%.

Both clubs have been in negotiation for weeks now and all that is remaining to seal Sena’s move is the final contract agreement and an official announcement by both parties.

‘After several weeks of conversation, back and forth, Goiás and Atlético-MG reached a consensus.’ Goias president Marcelo Almeida said in a statement.

‘Now what we really need is to conclude the negotiation with the signing of the contract, which has not yet happened, but which should happen during this week.’

Transfer breakdown

Leo Sena’s current contract with Goias will expire at the end of 2020. Following that, he is expected to officially join Atletico-MG starting January 2021.

However, the Brazilian has contract terms that can allow him sign a pre-contract with any club starting July 1 and leave on a free transfer.

Rather than lose the 24-year-old for nothing, Marcelo confirmed that he would rather recoup and make profit on the midfielder, hence the swift move to agree a contract with the Minas Gerais outfit.

Further reports suggest that Goias had been trying to agree a contract extension with Sena since last year. It is believed the midfielder was offered a huge contract that would have seen his pay significantly rise as well as his stock in the squad. However, the player already had his mind set on leaving and all efforts proved to be fruitless at the end of the day.

Atletico’s interest in the creative midfielder is reported to have grown from a special request. Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli fancied the Brazilian in his lineup and acted on that by asking the club’s board to make a move for the player.

At the age of 24, Léo Sena will end his five-year romance with Goias and begin a new chapter in Belo Horizonte. He was one of the highlights of Esmeraldino’s good campaign in the 2019 Brazilian Championship. Throughout his stay with Goias, the midfielder featured in 185 appearances and was a key figure in the club’s ranks all through.

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