Socially distanced training ‘very strange’ admits Lucas Moura

29/05/2020 11:43 AM

Spurs forward Lucas Moura admits that socially distanced training has taken some getting used to as preparations for the Premier League’s return ramp up.

Clubs returned to training in small groups last week with a return to games mooted for the end of June. Lucas admits it has been strange.

“We’ve been back since last week. We were training in separate groups, each group in one day. This week, we start training every day, but in separate groups of five players each time with no contact and keeping distance,” he told Globo.

“It’s very strange, a very unusual period that we’re living. We never imagined football without contact and training without competitiveness. We have tried to compensate in the physical part.”

Lucas has played in France, Brazil and England and insists that the Premier League is the most “competitive” of the three.

“I think the English league is very different. It’s the most competitive football in the world. I think it stands out for the intensity of the game and the tactical discipline, which is very high.

“Englishmen by nature are very competitive. Whatever training they do, they want to win. The game is always with maximum intensity. I suffered a lot in the beginning with the physical part.

“The first preseason was very difficult. I think that stands out for this, in addition to technical quality, of having many players from different countries who come to play here for the beauty of the league and the purchasing power of the clubs.”


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