Edu refuses to take credit for Martinelli

18/05/2020 1:22 PM

Arsenal’s Technical Director Edu Gaspar has refuted the idea that he was solely responsible for the signing of Gabriel Martinelli last summer.

Edu and Martinelli arrived at Arsenal at the same time, with many speculating that Edu’s Brazilian connection was responsible for the signing of the teenager.

However, Edu says the process was slightly more complex than that. Martinelli has scored ten goals for Arsenal this season.

“They linked my name a lot with Martinelli’s. Even Klopp gave an interview congratulating us for the great buy. But it is very important to emphasise that in football nobody does anything alone.

“Being very honest, the Martineli project was not for the short term, it was a little for the longer term. But it was 100% on the merit of the player,” he told ESPN Brasil.

“In pre-season he started scoring, finding his feet. Unai said he was going to be a player. He is a focused, hardworking boy, from a good family, he likes to learn.”


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