Richarlison looking on the bright side of lockdown

14/05/2020 11:56 AM

Everton forward Richarlison says that the opportunity to spend time with his family in Brazil has been a rare upside of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The forward flew back to Brazil at the outset of quarantine to be with his family. “Since I came to England, I couldn't stay with family all the time because they live in Brazil but we met and spent the quarantine together in Rio de Janeiro.

“My family is fine, everyone is safe at home and following the recommendations to avoid contagion,” Richarlison told

“I think the break from football has benefits on one hand, but on the other hand we lose the match fitness. Despite training every day, it may take a few days to fully recover when we return.

"I don't like being without physical activities, so I exercise every day and do everything the Club asks to keep fit during this period. I have a nice yard at home and some equipment.

“When I was in Brazil it was no different. Training has been an important part of my day. However, the most important thing now is the health of all the people and, when we are allowed, to return safely to restart of the season."


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