Lucas Leiva doesn’t regret decision to leave Liverpool

by Sambafoot
11/05/2020 3:15 PM

Former Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva insists he does not regret the timing of his departure from the club, despite missing out on a Champions League winners medal.

Lucas left for Lazio in the summer of 2017 and Liverpool qualified for the two subsequent Champions League finals, winning the trophy in 2019.

However, the Brazilian says it was still the right time, “My son, my family, we are Liverpool fans now,” he told the Liverpool official website.

“It’s a great achievement and I’m just really happy because so many people there I am still in touch with and still care a lot about.

“Of course, you always think, ‘Had I waited one more year…’ but, to be honest, I wasn’t happy.

“When you are not happy it makes no sense so, to be honest, it’s better I see Liverpool winning and I’m happy as well playing.

“As a fan I’m really happy. Of course, I would like to have won it but I won it as a fan, let’s say.”


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