Andreas Pereira happy for improving Fred

by Sambafoot
01/05/2020 3:21 PM

Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira says he is not surprised by Fred’s upturn in form this season after an indifferent opening campaign at Old Trafford.

Fred’s performances have improved markedly in 2018-19 and his compatriot Andreas says that the player’s quality has always been obvious.

“In training and at the club, players know that the player is good. You notice when the guy arrives, who’s the ace, who’s the player who maybe can’t take the level.

“Fred never had this problem with us. He’s a very good player. Very good,” Andreas told Esportive Interativo in an interview.

“So when he arrived and it wasn’t working out, things are normal. In the first year he arrived he had to adapt to England, his family.

“These are normal things that maybe for fans who want to see this on the pitch, they don’t understand. But with time now he relaxed, he’s calm, the family is living well, he’s training better every day.

“This year he was better at each game and he’s feeling good in the team, and now he can show his football. I already knew he was good, it was just for everyone outside to see the real Fred.”


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