Alisson wins the 2019 Samba d’Or Award

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson has been voted the best Brazilian player in Europe for 2019.
02/01/2020 6:47 PM
© Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson has been voted the best Brazilian player in Europe for 2019.

The Brazilian player won the 11th edition of the Samba Gold hands down with 35.54% of the vote.

He becomes the first goalkeeper to lift the trophy. A more than deserved reward for the former Internacional Porto Alegre number one, he won the Champions League, the Club World Cup, and also the Copa America where he finished as the best player in the competition.

He won ahead of his club teammate, Roberto Firmino, the 2018 winner of the award (23.48%). Thiago Silva (10.46%), the Paris-Saint-Germain captain, who had a great 2018-2019 season finished in third place.

With more than 100,000 internet votes and the participation of major voters, the Samba Gold is awarded to a Liverpool player for the third time in its history after Philippe Coutinho in 2016 and Roberto Firmino in 2018.

The Samba d’or trophy belongs to the Miami-based company Samba Digital, co-founded by Frédéric Fausser (CEO) and Bernard Calvignac (president).

Voting totals:

Alisson    35,54%
Roberto Firmino    23,48%
Thiago Silva    10,46%
Fabinho    8,03%
Neymar    7,57%
Marquinhos    4,40%
Philippe Coutinho    2,62%
Felipe Anderson    1,63%
Casemiro    1,58%
Rodrygo    1,33%
David Neres    0,98%
Gabriel Jesus    0,66%
Ederson     0,40%
Alex Telles    0,37%
Renan Lodi    0,34%
Richarlison    0,32%
Willian    0,06%
Allan    0,06%
Alex Sandro    0,05%
Douglas Costa    0,05%
Luiz Gustavo    0,04%
Felipe    0,01%
Wendell     0,01%

Internet voting:

Thiago Silva    24,58%
Alisson    23,46%
Roberto Firmino    16,17%
Fabinho    12,28%
Neymar    10,59%
Marquinhos    7,15%
Philippe Coutinho    3,87%
Casemiro    0,70%
Ederson     0,22%
Willian    0,18%
Allan    0,17%
Alex Sandro    0,16%
Douglas Costa    0,15%
Luiz Gustavo    0,12%
Alex Telles    0,11%
Felipe    0,03%
Wendell     0,03%
Felipe Anderson    0,02%

Journalist voting:

Alisson    41,75%
Roberto Firmino    32,04%
Fabinho    7,77%
Thiago Silva    6,80%
Felipe Anderson    4,85%
David Neres    1,94%
Philippe Coutinho    0,97%
Ederson     0,97%
Rodrygo    0,97%
Gabriel Jesus    0,97%
Richarlison    0,97%

Former player voting:

Alisson    41,41%
Roberto Firmino    22,22%
Neymar    12,12%
Marquinhos    6,06%
Fabinho    4,04%
Casemiro    4,04%
Rodrygo    3,03%
Philippe Coutinho    3,03%
Renan Lodi    1,01%
Gabriel Jesus    1,01%
David Neres    1,01%
Alex Telles    1,01%

Votes from former players:

Paulo César: Alisson    Marquinhos    Coutinho
Ferreira: Firmino    Neymar    Casemiro
Edmilson Pimenta: Neymar    Rodrygo    Coutinho
Oscar: Alisson    Neymar    David Neres
Fernando Menegazzo:    Firmino    Alisson    Fabinho
Taffarel: Alisson    Casemiro    Alex Telles
Paulo Sergio: Firmino    Alisson    Coutinho
Odair Patriarca: Alisson    Firmino    Neymar
Henrique: Alisson    Marquinhos    Firmino
Wendel:    Alisson    Fabinho    Gabriel Jesus
Christian: Alisson    Firmino    Renan Lodi

Votes from journalists:

Rodrigo Cerqueira (Globoesporte): Alisson-Firmino-Felipe Anderson
Leo Bertozzi (ESPN): Alisson-Firmino-Ederson
Dilson Motta (Fox): Alisson-Firmino-Richarlisson
Eric Frosio (Canal Plus): Alisson-Thiago Silva-Firmino
Hugo Delom (L’Equipe): Firmino-Thiago Silva-David Neres
Dave Apadoo (France Football): Alisson-Firmino-Thiago Silva
Mario Monteiro (IG): Firmino-Fabinho-Rodrygo
Daniel Romano (Tele Club Suisse): Alisson-Firmino-David Neres
Erik Castelharo    (Gazeta Esportiva): Alisson-Firmino-Coutinho
Christophe Franken (DH Belgique): Alisson-Firmino-Gabriel Jesus
Eric Silvestro (RTL): Fabinho-Alisson-Firmino


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