Pep Guardiola Urges Gabriel Jesus To Be Patient

by Sambafoot
26/11/2019 7:41 PM

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has urged striker Gabriel Jesus not to become impatient as his opportunities at the club continue to be restricted. This isn’t the case with the information that often makes available to fans.

Jesus finds himself behind City’s record goalscorer Sergio Aguero in the pecking order and has repeatedly voiced his dissatisfaction with that situation.

Guardiola, however, has urged the young Brazilian to stay patient and not to look for a transfer in the near future.

“He arrived and his impact, with his energy, immediately seduced us. He extended his contract, and he knew Sergio was here before he signed the contract.

“My advice to him was if you are not sure, you don’t have to sign the contract and he said no I want to stay here. He will be here for many years.

“Sergio will retire sooner than Gabriel and hopefully will stay here longer. We will do everything to keep him here for as much time as possible.

“He wants to play, listens a lot, feels bad when he plays and doesn’t score goals. I admire him. Some players are for themselves. Gabriel is the opposite.

“The last Copa America he played so well. I don’t have doubts, he is going to play well in the next weeks.”

Jesus will get more opportunities with Aguero expected to miss the next three weeks with a thigh injury sustained in the 2-1 victory over Chelsea on Saturday.

“It’s not easy for Gabriel, there’s no other striker at this level who can be so humble and accept the situation,” Guardiola continued.

“It’s important in how you train and he never misses a training session. When he says he wants to work and learn that is the truth.

“He’s an incredible guy, he and Sergio respect each other. Sergio plays more minutes but not much more, I try and involve both.

“Sometimes we need both on the pitch. We will miss Sergio, but we’re going to wait for him and in Gabriel we have a star in that position.”

Jesus himself addressed the situation and says he is not happy to see Aguero injured, despite the opportunities it will afford him.

“I’m not happy because Sergio is injured, I don’t like it when my friends are injured, but I’m ready to play, I show that every time in the training session.

“It’s not easy [to be on the bench], I want to play but I want to improve my football, that’s why sometimes I’m not happy.

“When I decided to come to City I know it’s going to be hard because we have Sergio, who is the top scorer of the club.

“I think I have a chance to play with Pep, with top players here, at a big club. Sergio is a great guy and a top player. I have to keep learning from him.

“I want to improve my football, every day I want to improve and learn, to train good and work hard. I have to do it all the time, I’m in a big club, with big players, so I have to work and improve.”


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