‘Martinelli Just Has Something Different’ Says David Luiz

22/11/2019 1:24 AM

Arsenal defender David Luiz has played with many stellar Brazilian talents during his career, but he says there is something unique about current teammate Gabriel Martinelli.

Luiz and Martinelli both joined the club this summer and the 18-year old has scored 7 goals for the Gunners already. Luiz sees something special in his junior colleague.

“I began admiring him for his work, mentality, his football, and his desire to learn every day,” David Luiz said in an exclusive Arsenal Facebook Q&A.

“I’ve had the chance to meet many players, many young talents from several different countries, and Gabi has something different.

“If he keeps it up, he will experience great things in football. I think that is what has surprised me so far.

“I met his parents, it’s not a coincidence that he has been successful. His upbringing had education, purpose, and it’s a great pleasure to be here with Gabriel.

“He welcomed me here, he was here before me. We try to have the best possible relationship, we help each other out.”