‘Joe Willock Plays the Brazilian Way’ Says Martinelli

21/11/2019 8:57 PM

Arsenal forward Gabriel Martinelli says his midfield colleague Joe Willock reminds him of a Brazilian given the way he plays.

Martinelli has taken England by storm since arriving from Brazil this summer with 7 goals or the Gunners.

The 18-year old says Willock’s style reminds him of home.

“I think Joe Willock [has the most Brazilian style],” Martinelli said in an exclusive Q&A on the Arsenal Facebook page.

“He has personality, he doesn’t keep his head down, he always drives forward. He takes the ball and tries to dribble one player, then another.

“He doesn’t hide away in games. He’s always searching for the best options. I think his style is similar to the Brazilian way.”


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