Gabriel Jesus Relishing Another Superclasico

14/11/2019 9:17 AM

Brazil striker Gabriel Jesus is relishing playing in another Superclasico when the Seleção take on Argentina in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

Jesus says he has good memories of the fixture having beaten Argentina three times- including during the Copa América in June.

“My memories are very good. Since Tite took over, I think I’ve played all of Brazil vs Argentina. I’ve won three and lost one. I’m fine (laughs).

“I hope to keep that up, to win, but knowing it will be a tough game, with great players on the other side too. It will be difficult. But hopefully it will be a spectacle and we will be victorious.”

Jesus will come against his clubmate Nicolas Otamendi, another challenge he is looking forward to. “I talked more with Otamendi. I was joking, more about the past game and this one.

“I said if he kicked me I would give it back (laughs). When we are together at the club, we will swim in the same direction.

“Now I am defending my country , they theirs. May they make the best of them there, this is just the rivalry.”


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