Tite Satisfied With Performance Despite Nigeria Draw

14/10/2019 4:35 PM

Brazil coach Tite was satisfied with his team’s performance in Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Nigeria in Singapore, even if the result was ‘insufficient.’

The coach said that the team played well and that he was able to make valuable experiments tactically with his players.

“The result was insufficient. In terms of results, the Brazilian team always wants to win and seeks to win,” he said. “But especially in the second half, we had a great performance.

“We had ball possession and creativity. It's no use having possession of the ball without creating, but we did. We lacked effectiveness to score the goal.

“It’s a good performance but if we had won would have been great performance. You are correct. I know I have the pressure of the result.

“But you can only look at players if you watch them play. For example, Lodi played very well. So we had the possibility of having a more aggressive player on the sides and having one more in the opposition’s half.”


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