Casemiro Blasts Colombia Physical Approach

07/09/2019 6:16 PM

Brazil midfielder Casemiro had strong words for Colombia after the teams played it a feisty 2-2 draw in a friendly in Miami.

Goals from Casemiro and Neymar earned a draw between the teams, but the final whistle was marred by heated arguments between the players.

The two sides have a recent history of heated encounters and Casemiro laid the blame at the door of the Colombian team.

“They only want to intimidate and lay their hands on us. It’s the game, we could do without it but they have their tactics and we have ours.

“When you play for Brazil you don’t have friendlies, we have to play strong in every game. I got a yellow card and made my apologies.

“We played a good game, more in the second half and we didn’t make many errors, we are pleased with how we played.”


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