Tite Unhappy With Pitch After Paraguay Penalty Win

28/06/2019 4:40 PM

Brazil boss Tite was angry at the state of the pitch in Porto Alegre following his side’s 0-0 Copa America quarter-final draw with Paraguay.

Brazil won 4-3 on penalties in the end, but Tite says an uneven surface made the game far more difficult for his players as they struggled to break Paraguay down.

“It is possible, yes (for the players to improve their technical level). Combination moves are possible. And it is possible, also in exchange of passes, when you have a good pitch.

“Now we can talk. It is absurd, at a high level, to have a field so difficult to play on. The ball hits a bump, the guy has to take three touches to control. At the top level you cannot have a pitch like this for the spectacle.

“I'm not hiding justification. You have to take two, three touches. I saw a statement from Renato (Gaucho, Grêmio coach) about that as well.

“I'll say more. It is inconceivable. I came here on Monday and looked at the pitch. Five people working, one of them off. I come on Tuesday, the same five people. Give me the conditions to do better work to give the fans a show. I was angry.”


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