The best online football games 2018 for Brazilian Fans

16/08/2018 8:23 PM

Whether you’re killing time at work or relaxing with friends on a Saturday night, football games can be a great way to keep yourself entertained and pass the time with a bit of friendly competition that’ll give you your football fix in the process.

The quality of football games has improved dramatically with the advancement of modern technology in recent times. We’ve gone from poorly detailed little dots kicking balls into nets to human-like, finely detailed characters with commentary, fans in the stand and advanced controls to be able to pull off rabona goals and bicycle kicks.

FIFA 18 still king

FIFA 18 on the PS4, a simply iconic game in its own right, is the latest in a series of football games which demonstrate the improvement of the graphics and gameplay in modern times quite perfectly. The game, made by EA Sports, is the most popular of its kind in the world and is widely played, even by gamers who aren’t necessarily fans of the sport.

FIFA is a game that rewards passing, flowing football and considered but incisive build-up play. Gone are the days of simply crossing it for an easy headed goal or rocketing a 30-yard strike every match you play; this skillful, tough game takes a few sessions to get the hang of, especially before you take anyone on online or have a go at the endless online features.

PES is FIFA’s big rival

Another classic game similar to that of FIFA 18 but perhaps underrated by many is Pro Evolution Soccer 18, better known as PES. PES is a timeless classic many grey-haired gamers will be familiar with. The modern version is lagging behind FIFA according to the figures, but the older, more classic versions of the game stand its reputation in good stead and provide hope that it can get even better with future releases.

FIFA has the game modes, the looks, the licensing, and the better commentary but PES has been rated by many as having the better gameplay and better feel to it.

Football Manager 2018, by Sports Interactive, is essentially designed for those football fans who fancy their chances when it comes to making it in the football management game. We’ve all got one friend like that, haven’t we?! With the option to play online or simply by yourself in the form of a career mode, players of the game have the opportunity to manage a club of their choice from around the world, sign that Neymar type trickster the team needs or sell that constantly injured defender they might have on their books, all whilst hopefully keeping the board and fans happy.

Casino football games proving popular

Football games have also been released by online casinos, with a number of excellent ones out there. The Liverpool FC slot, for example, features free spins, bonus games and big payouts. Another game, made by Playtech, is Top Trumps Football Stars – a 5 reel, 20 payline jackpot slot. If goals go in, you get the re-spins.

Available on iPhone and iPad, New Star Soccer enables you to live the life of a footballer. You have to use your wages, increased by scoring goals for example, to improve your skill as a player and buy boots, amongst a whole host of other features.

Top Eleven, available from the App Store, Google Play and even through, is another online football manager simulation style game similar to Football Manager. Although the game doesn’t have the rights to the clubs and players we all know so well, Jose Mourinho occasionally pops up to give you some advice every now and then.


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