Fabinho Believes Liverpool Will Fight for the Title

24/07/2018 4:47 PM

Liverpool midfielder Fabinho says he and his Liverpool teammates fully expect to compete for the Premier League title next season. The Reds finished 4 th last season, but have since added to their squad.

Fabinho has joined Naby Keita and Alisson in bolstering the squad and the Brazilian believes the Reds can fight Manchester City for the league championship. “We have a very good team and I believe we will be able to fight for the title.

“I have just started with my team mates but I can see we have excellent players, an excellent manager and a very good group. I followed Liverpool last season because the way they played was very exciting.

“Their quick transitions, the counterattacking, the way they played from the defence to the opposition net, it was fantastic to watch. We have to carry on that way this season so it will be very important for us to follow that through,” he told the Guardian.

“I understand Manchester City are the champions and produced excellent football last season, but we will do our best to get the title from them and make everyone here happy.

“I have spoken quite often to Bernardo Silva and Benjamin Mendy since I arrived, mainly Bernardo. I told him that although we are friends I will be harsh on him when we play against each other! I am pleased they are playing in England and we will be living close by.

“Off the pitch we are very good friends but on the pitch is a different story. I have never had the chance to play against a team which had a good friend playing for them before.”