Pereira Left United for Valencia for Minutes

28/11/2017 1:31 PM

Manchester United winger Andreas Pereira says he left the club to join Valencia on loan this summer because he did not believe he would get opportunities to play at Old Trafford.

Pereira played a big part in United’s pre-season, but then did not feature in the matchday squad for their opening two games. Manager Jose Mourinho criticised the player’s decision to leave.

But the Brazilian told ESPN that he just did not think he would play in Manchester, “I wasn’t going to be a starting player at United this season.I felt that by coming here I would play more minutes.

“By playing I’ll get better, I’ll evolve. That is better than being on the bench where I get frustrated and it starts to work against me. Here, I’m playing, I’m happy and I’m getting better.

“People see that, United see that, and it will help me, Valencia and Manchester United. If I go back then I’ll be a better player. I’m under pressure here, but in a positive way.

“I play against big teams in big stadiums. We’re second in the league. Jose and I have a good relationship,” says Pereira. “We usually speak in English in front of the group but sometimes, if we are alone, in Portuguese, like when he was angry!

“He encourages everyone to speak in English, though if there’s a player who doesn’t speak so good English then he’ll explain in Spanish. He’s knows different languages.”


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