Tite Takes Lessons from Brazil’s 0-0 Draw with England

15/11/2017 11:54 AM

Brazil coach Tite says Brazil have learned a lot from their 0-0 friendly draw with England at Wembley on Tuesday evening. The teams were locked in a tight stalemate, with England defending deep and in numbers and Brazil lacking the craft to break them down.

Yet the Seleção coach still believes the game provided an invaluable learning curve for his team, “If a team that had to win the game would be Brazil, because we had better opportunities. The number of opportunities was small, but it was the feature of the game.

“We needed concentration, when you open up you can end up giving England the space they want on the counterattack. It has that mental aspect. The players know they can create, but the opponent will have to suffer a lot to create.

In the tactical movement we played against a line of five, but in the second half we had a bit more space. For example, the Paulinho chance that Hart saved. Paulinho brings this to the Seleção, he gets into dangerous areas, we give him the ability to get ahead, so that he can try to score.”


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