EXCLUSIVE-Wellington Silva: “I am ready now to play for Arsenal”

10/03/2015 6:05 PM
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– How is your season in Almeria?

It is very positive. For over three years I have been in Spain, I play regularly, this is my best season. We will do everything to stay in D1 this season.

– You arrived in England in 2010 from Fluminense. What were the initial contacts like?

In 2008, Fluminense played the Copa Nike in England. I played well and they followed me from that competition onwards. The negotiations were hard for over a year with Arsenal. Since 2010, I have been loaned out every season because I could not get the work permit. But I got it this summer so I’m finally ready to defend the colors of the Gunners.

These multiple loans (4 in total since 2010) are related to an administrative problem only?

Yes. When I arrived, I was barely 16 years old and it was impossible to get the papers. At the beginning I was told it would take 2 years for the papers but I finally had to wait 4 years .. But now it’s done. In July I could finally get a chance to play in England.


– Do Arsenal supervise you closely?

We have not had much contact. My agent certainly has had more contact. I think they follow all my matches. My contract is coming to an end, I hope we will continue. I think they are happy with my progress in Spain, Almeria is in a complicated situation, but we will fight to stay up. I heard Arsenal enjoyed my work in Spain so ..

– Your goal is to integrate the Premier League next season …

Yes, it’s a dream for me to play there. Arsenal is a great club. Unfortunately this was not possible because of these administrative concerns. But I think I’m ready now, I learned a lot in Spain. Including playing without the ball. If all goes well, I’ll be out there next season.

– What do you think of this Arsenal team?

I try to watch as many matches. The team is very good with Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla. Unfortunately, the season is complicated in the league and in the Champions League. To beat Monaco in the return will be complicated. Now it’s up to me to prepare myself to impose myself there. The Premier League is of an excellent standard with many beautiful teams.

– What do you think of Arsène Wenger?
He is a great person, it’s been 20 years at the club .. He gives a chance to everyone, he discusses a lot individually. With him, I can be confident, there is no difference between great players and younger players. I hope to learn a lot with him.

– An Arsenal player has impressed you the most?
I did not have much training with the professional team but the player who most impressed me is Cazorla. Ozil is also an excellent player. Alexis Sanchez and Chamberlain are also impressive although I’ve never trained with them. They have characteristics similar to mine: speed and technicality. I hope when I get back, they also help me (laughs)


– You have been called up for Brazilian team hope the end of 2014 in China. How was that experience?
I didn’t expect it at all. It was a great experience. As I said this season is very good for me, I am a regular at Almeria and Alexander Gallo scouted me. I played three games in China, I gave everything. To wear the shirt of the Seleção, it’s amazing. I hope to be called up in the future.

– You have played with such Doria, Om Have you … he discussed his situation with you?
He is our captain, a true leader, he always talks in the locker room. I knew him in Rio de Janeiro. We talk sometimes. I was sad to know that he did not have a chance in France. It’s weird that Bielsa did not give him the slightest opportunity. He is of a very high professional level player. He will return to Marseille and he will be a starter at the club.