Dedé thinks Vasco’s poor form can’t be explained

04/04/2013 2:02 PM

Dedé thinks there is no rational explanation for Vasco’s poor form, as they were beaten 0-3 by Botafogo for the Rio de Janeiro State Championship.

Vasco are currently in a 5-game winless streak, having failed to score a single goal in those matches.

The team’s centreback Dedé has no explanation for this poor form, he said after the game against Botafogo: “It’s unexplainable. It seems they cursed us and it doesn’t go away”.

He added: “We now have no chances in the Rio de Janeiro league. We have to fight so that the team improve in the next competition”.

Wendel agreed with Dedé, the defensive midfielder said: “We didn’t want this situation but we now have to work hard to be strong for the Brazilian League, especially as the team did well in Rio’s first turn but left a lot to be desired in the second turn”.

Vasco are in last place in Taça Rio’s Group A with just one point and need an unlikely combination of results to advance to the next round.

Source: Globo Esporte


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