Forum and Samba Community

Get involved and join the discussion as we plan to launch our improved and upcoming forum for our Samba fans and football lovers from all over the globe. Kindly take a few seconds to fill the form below to stay in touch with the latest updates.


New Features


User Feed

On the forum, users will be able to create their own individual profile to suit their taste. All users will have access to post relevant images, content on their profile, share links and literally interact with others.

Person Circular Check

Follow Others

The aim is to provide a platform where Samba fans can interact with each other. Hence, users will be able to follow each other and keep in track with friends’ post on their own feed.


Samba Points

It is always fun to talk football with others, but it is more fun when prizes are involved. Samba points are back and here to stay. We want you to stay on here as much as you can, and you stand a chance to win some of our great prizes.

People Talking

Community Groups

Want to get in touch with particular fans of your club/favorite player? Users will also have the chance to create their own private and public groups or threads where necessary here on our Sambafoot website.

List Pen

Main Threads

There will be main threads pinned on the front page of the forum. They would mostly be about the most talked about/trending Samba football topics as well as talking points from global football.

Letter Chat

Private Messaging

Asides open discussions on the forum, users will also have access to communicate with other users via a secure and encrypted direct message feature.