Serie A Brazil

Atletico-MG vs Santos 13/10/2021 Serie A

On October, 13, Atletico-MG faces Santos of the Serie A in Brazil. Follow the Atletico-MG vs Santos live score and results starting at 22:00, here on Sambafoot.

Atletico-MG is currently the favorite to win this Serie A game against Santos. With bookies giving Atletico-MG a 45.00% probability of winning the match.

Atletico-MG is currently #1 in the Serie A 2021 with 53 points in 24 games, and 16 wins.

Santos currently sits at #16 in the Serie A, winning 6 games. The team from Brazil has secured 28 points in 24 games of the 2021 season.

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Atletico-MG x Santos Lineups

Lucas Gonçalves Brazil
A. Franco (Midfielder)
F. Noguera (Defender)
J. Savarino (Midfielder)
Lucas Braga (Forward)
Calebe (Midfielder)
John (Goalkeeper)
Wesley (Midfielder)
Alex (Midfielder)
Matheus Mendes (Goalkeeper)
Laércio (Defender)
Jean (Goalkeeper)
Ivonei (Midfielder)
Rubens (Midfielder)
Marcos Leonardo (Forward)
Caio Henrique (Midfielder)
Vinicius Balieiro (Midfielder)
Sávio (Forward)
Bruno Marques (Forward)
Sivaldo Junior (Goalkeeper)
Ângelo (Forward)
Felipe Felício (Forward)
Fernando (Midfielder)
Echaporã (Midfielder)
Renyer (Forward)
Júlio Cesar (Midfielder)
Luan Peres (Defender)
Matheus Lima (Defender)
Y. Soteldo (Midfielder)
Iago (Midfielder)
João Paulo (Goalkeeper)
Talison (Defender)
Luiz Felipe (Defender)
Micael (Defender)
Diego Pituca (Midfielder)
Mariano (Defender)
Felipe Jonatan (Defender)
Guilherme Arana (Defender)
Lucas Verissimo (Defender)
Matías Zaracho (Midfielder)
Wagner (Defender)
J. Alonso (Defender)
Alison (Midfielder)
I. Fernández (Midfielder)
Lucas Lourenço (Midfielder)
Victor (Goalkeeper)
Jean Mota (Midfielder)
Réver (Defender)
Guilherme Nunes (Midfielder)
Igor Rabello (Defender)
Tailson (Forward)
Guga (Defender)
C. Sánchez (Midfielder)
Nathan (Midfielder)
Sandry (Midfielder)
Neto (Midfielder)
Jobson (Midfielder)
Jair (Midfielder)
Arthur Gomes (Midfielder)
Hyoran (Midfielder)
Kaio Jorge (Forward)
Everson (Goalkeeper)
Raniel (Forward)
Eduardo Sasha (Forward)
Mádson (Defender)
Gabriel (Defender)
Pará (Defender)
Rafael (Goalkeeper)
Marinho (Forward)
Dodô (Defender)
Vladimir (Goalkeeper)
Allan (Midfielder)
Paulo Mazoti (Goalkeeper)
Diego Tardelli (Forward)
Wellington Carioca (Defender)
Marrony (Midfielder)
Alexandre Tam (Forward)
Hulk (Forward)
Gabriel Pirani (Midfielder)
D. Borrero (Midfielder)
Allanzinho (Forward)
Keno (Forward)
Sabino (Defender)
Bueno (Defender)
Anderson Ceará (Forward)
E. Vargas (Forward)
Sandro Perpetuo (Defender)
Tchê Tchê (Midfielder)
Kaiky (Defender)
Kevin (Defender)
Kevin Malthus (Midfielder)
Nathan Silva (Defender)
Robson (Midfielder)
Michael (Goalkeeper)
Mikael (Midfielder)
Ruan Nascimento (Forward)
Jhonnathan (Midfielder)
R. Otero (Midfielder)
Fernando (Forward)
Gustavo Blanco (Midfielder)
J. Copete (Forward)
Diego Costa (Forward)
Lucas Venuto (Forward)
Lucas Barbosa (Midfielder)
Moraes (Defender)
Marcos Guilherme (Forward)
Danilo Boza (Defender)
Vinicius Zanocelo (Midfielder)
Camacho (Midfielder)
João Cubas (Defender)
Luizinho (Midfielder)
Augusto Galván (Midfielder)
M. Lacava (Midfielder)
Diego Tardelli (Forward)
Léo Baptistão (Forward)
Jandrei (Goalkeeper)
E. Velázquez (Defender)