Paranaense - 2 Brazil
AA Iguaçu
2 : 0

AA Iguaçu vs Independiente FSJ 25/09/2021 Paranaense – 2

On September, 25, AA Iguaçu faces Independiente FSJ of the Paranaense - 2 in Brazil. Follow the AA Iguaçu vs Independiente FSJ live score and results starting at 18:30, here on Sambafoot.

Independiente FSJ is currently the favorite to win this Paranaense - 2 game against AA Iguaçu. With bookies giving Independiente FSJ a 10.00% probability of winning the match.

AA Iguaçu is currently #5 in the Paranaense - 2 2021 with 14 points in 9 games, and 3 wins.

Independiente FSJ currently sits at #1 in the Paranaense - 2, winning 4 games. The team from Brazil has secured 16 points in 9 games of the 2021 season.

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