Superclassic in Europe? Understand the reasons behind the CBF request

For the sixth time in history, the two greatest South American football rivals will clash on the Old Continent.
2022-08-02 12:06:24

The game between Brazil and Argentina is distinct. The match between the two teams is referred to as the “Superclássico” since it represents the strongest rivalry in South American football. Winning is nice, but winning against Argentines is far better, as the narrator Galvo Bueno puts it.

Since 1908, there have been 112 games in this fixture, with 43 games won by each side and 26 games ending in draws. Brazil have scored 172 goals while conceding 174 to their opponents.

This legendary conflict did not always occur in South America; it has already occurred five times in Europe and may do so once more on the Old Continent.

Playoffs could be in Europe

The postponed match for the qualifications between Brazil and Argentina might be played in Europe, according to information that was just posted on the UOL webpage. The match will take place on September 21, although the venue has not yet been decided. Sao Paulo were the front-runners to host the match.

Due to their mathematical qualification for the World Cup, the two sides attempted to call off the game, but were unsuccessful. In order to make things simpler for the majority of players who work abroad, the CBF therefore requested that the clash take place in Europe.

FIFA have not yet erected any barriers to the venue shift. Instead, they are waiting for the AFA (an Argentine institution) to take a formal stance before making the relocation of the game official.

Brazil and Argentina in Europe

This will be the sixth time in history that a “South American Superclassic” will take place on the Old Continent, if the move is approved. View the additional games in the table below.

Game No.





1 Superclassic of the Americas (at the time called Copa Rocca) Brazil 2-1 Argentina July 31, 1971 Hannover, Germany
2 FIFA World cup Brazil 3-1 Argentina July 2, 1982 Barcelona, ​​Spain
3 FIFA World cup Brazil 0-1 Argentina June 24, 1990 Turin, Italy
4 FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 4-1 Argentina June 29, 2005 Frankfurt, Germany
5 Friendly Brazil 3-0 Argentina September 3, 2006 London England

Statistics on the Brazilian side

If we use the five previous encounters between Brazil and Argentina in Europe as our benchmark, we may be confident of another Tupiniquim triumph in the Cup qualifier.

Brazil only lost one of the five games, winning four of them. The win rate is 80%.

The situation of the South American qualifiers

There won’t be any changes to the standings of the qualifying competition as a result of the postponed match between Brazil and Argentina. Both teams already have a lock on the World Cup and won’t lose their hold on the top two spots in the standings.

Argentina came in second with 39 points, while Brazil took first with 45 points after the competition’s conclusion. The other two South American teams which secured a spot in the Cup were Uruguay and Ecuador. Uruguay ended with 28 points, while Ecuador with 26.

In the World Cup

Check, in the list below, which groups the four South American teams are in the Cup.

  • Group A: Ecuador, Qatar, Senegal and Holland;
  • Group B: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland;
  • Group G: Brazil, Cameroon, Serbia and Switzerland;
  • Group H: Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana and Portugal.

This year’s World Cup will take held in Qatar from November 21 until December 18. The tournament will take held in the Middle East for the first time ever. With the help of the Brazilian team at Sambafoot, stay on top of everything that matters most!