Samuel Lino has never been to Carnival in Brazil and explains the reasons: “I like to stay at home

The Atlético de Madrid footballer told Radio MARCA that he has no interest in attending the traditional Brazilian festival. 
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-02-25 11:29:00

Before playing the match against Inter Milan corresponding to the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League, an event in which Colchoneros ended up losing 1-0, Samuel Lino passed through the microphones of Radio MARCA, attending to the questions from Raúl Varela and Ainhoa Sánchez, from the A Diario program.

There, the Atlético de Madrid attacker spoke about the importance of the match against the Lombard team, the collective objectives of the colchonero team in LaLiga and the Copa del Rey and was surprised when asked about a personal factor and that is that Samu Lino He admitted that he has never attended a Carnival in Brazil and has no interest in doing so.


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The interviewer, knowing this information in advance, questioned Samu Lino about his absence from the Brazilian carnivals, ensuring that he “does not believe” that there is a Brazilian who is totally indifferent to this festival:

“No, I have never gone, I have failed. At this moment in my life I have failed because I have never gone.” He began to explain Lino, who was asked if he was a familiar, homely and calm footballer.

“I am so used to being at home, calm and with the family and playing the Play (Station). So, I like to be quiet at home.”
Trying to make sense of this “anomaly”, Raúl Varela theorizes that one of the reasons for Samu Lino’s lack of interest in the Carnival lies in the “European touch” that the footballer may have after having arrived at a very young age in Portugal, specifically in Gil Vincent:

“Yes, he was there for three years. I went to Galicia for a walk. The Gil Vicente was a very important springboard for me, Portugal is a very good place, with a lot of visibility. There I have done a good job to come to Atleti.”