Saha supports Casemiro despite criticism: “He’s still a terrific player” as United eyes top-four finish

Saha emphasizes Casemiro's strategic importance, especially when mentoring the team's younger talents.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-02-21 12:49:36

A moment of controversy during Man U’s 2 – 1 win against Luton Town saw Casemiro on the verge of being sent off for a late tackle on Ross Barkley. The crowd and the Hatters clamored for a red, yet he remained on the pitch. In a strategic move, Ten Hag benched Casemiro at half-time, sidestepping the risk of playing short-handed in the latter half.


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Casemiro’s performance has stirred debate this season. Yet, Louis Saha leaps to his defense, brushing off the criticism as misplaced. “Casemiro is not too old for the Premier League,” Saha insists, dismissing the chatter due to United’s struggles on the field, not because of the Brazilian’s skill. He reminisces about Casemiro’s increased goal tally and expanded role at United, a stark contrast to his days at Real Madrid. “He’s trying to press… win the ball higher up the pitch,” Saha notes, acknowledging the challenge but affirming Casemiro’s undiminished prowess.

Saha emphasizes Casemiro’s strategic importance, especially when mentoring the team’s younger talents. He reflects on the intensified scrutiny that comes with Manchester United’s territory—Casemiro now bearing the brunt once shouldered by Cristiano Ronaldo. “The attention is always more aggressive on these types of players,” Saha laments, calling out the unfairness.