Endrick to make his debut at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium but not for Real Madrid

March 26th Brazil vs Spain friendly hosted at the Bernabéu, holds meaning for Endrick, offering him an early opportunity to connect with the Madridista faithful.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-03-02 10:14:27

Before his Real Madrid tenure begins in July 2024, Endrick will debut at the Santiago Bernabéu, playing for Brazil against Spain on March 26th. This match provides a unique preview of Endrick in action at his future home stadium, alongside potential Real Madrid teammates Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo.


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Coach Doríval Junior released his first squad list for Brazil on March 1st and in this Endrick leads the attack squad alongside Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal), Raphinha (Barcelona), Richarlison (Tottenham), Rodrygo (Real Madrid), Savinho (Girona) and Vini Jr. (Real Madrid).

Endrick’s move to Real Madrid, agreed in December 2022 from Palmeiras, showcases his status as one of football’s emerging stars. However, before joining Madrid, he represents Brazil, a nation with high expectations under the new coach, Dorival Júnior.

With the Copa América approaching, Brazil looks to these friendlies, especially the clash at the Bernabéu, to build momentum and showcase Endrick’s readiness for the global stage and his upcoming career at Real Madrid.