Dorival Júnior knocks CBF’s harsh treatment of Lucas Paquetá during betting allegations

Despite the controversy, Paquetá's performance remained strong at West Ham.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-02-24 10:39:43

Lucas Paquetá’s professional football career took an unexpected detour when allegations of sports betting surfaced, casting a shadow over his performances in the Premier League. The Brazilian midfielder found himself sidelined by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), a decision that seemed harsher than necessary, especially in light of his club, West Ham, choosing not to penalize him to the same extent.


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Doríval Júnior, stepping in as the new coach of Brazil’s national team, offered a fresh perspective on the situation. He highlighted the difference in the treatment Paquetá received from the CBF compared to West Ham. “Not even his own club penalized him like we did,” Doríval told TNT, questioning the rush to judgment before the facts were fully understood.

“Every moment he shows the suitability and legality of the situations. Everything that has been questioned, he presents the necessary proof that it didn’t happen in the way they put it.”

Despite the controversy, Paquetá’s performance remained strong at West Ham, contributing significantly to the team’s efforts in the Premier League. However, an injury to his left calf halted his momentum, sidelining him since a match against Arsenal on December 28th.