CBF launches anti-racism campaign for high-profile friendlies against Spain and England

It aims to combat racism, sparked by attacks on Vini Jr, as Brazil sets to face Spain and England in landmark matches.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-03-02 13:44:19

At the Brazilian soccer federation’s headquarters in Rio, the message is clear: “One skin,” “One identity.” This campaign, set with the friendly match against Spain in mind, is a direct challenge to racism in the sport. It’s a response to the racist attacks Vini Jr faced at Real Madrid, turning the upcoming game into a significant statement against such injustices.


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Choosing Madrid for this stand is strategic, making the Spanish capital a landmark in the fight against racism. The list of players announced for this match, and also for the game against England at Wembley on the 23rd, marks the beginning of Dorival Júnior’s tenure as the head of the Brazilian team.

This move is not just about football; it’s a call for change, signaling a new direction under Júnior’s leadership, where the game becomes a platform for battling racism.