Botafogo owner John Textor submits match-fixing evidence to Civil Police

John Textor delivers documents alleging manipulation in the last two Brazilian Championship titles, sparking a major investigation.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-04-13 11:36:29

John Textor, owner of SAF Botafogo, delivered documents to the Civil Police on Friday, claiming evidence of match-fixing in the last two Brazilian Championships, both won by Palmeiras. Textor, summoned last Wednesday, testified for over three hours at Cidade da Policia, naming referees and others allegedly involved in the manipulation.


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“I have more proof than just a Good Game! report,” Textor told ge. He described the day’s proceedings as the start of a “very healthy process,” emphasizing the extensive data collection involved.

The evidence provided includes reports from Good Game!, a company specializing in AI-driven arbitration analysis, and audio recordings. The Civil Police’s Consumer Police Department (DECON) and the Public Ministry are investigating these claims, maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.