2024 Women’s Brasileirão kicks off with record prize pool

CBF announces historic R$2.3 million prize and R$6 million team support for upcoming tournament.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-02-28 11:38:17

On a Monday, the Brazilian Football Confederation outlined the 2024 Women’s Brasileirão schedule, featuring 16 clubs, starting March 15th and concluding on September 22nd.


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The CBF detailed the financial rewards: each team begins with R$300,000. Advancing teams earn additional sums, with R$100,000 for the eight to progress and another R$100,000 for the final four, totaling R$6 million in distributions.

The prize pool hits almost R$2.3 million, with R$1.5 million for the champion and R$750,000 for the runner-up, marking a 25% increase from the previous season. This setup not only rewards success but also signifies the growing investment and recognition in women’s football.