Reliving Ronaldo’s final CONMEBOL Copa América in 1999

Ronaldo ended his Copa América career on a high note, scoring 10 goals and maintaining a 100% winning record.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-05-04 16:05:36

In 1999, Brazil claimed their sixth Copa América title, as Paraguay hosted the event for the first time. This tournament was marked by standout performances from Brazilian legends such as Rivaldo, named the tournament’s best player, and Ronaldo, who made his final Copa América appearance.


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Ronaldo ended his Copa América career on a high note, scoring 10 goals and maintaining a 100% winning record across 13 matches. Brazil extended their winning streak to 12 consecutive matches over two editions of the tournament.

Rivaldo, in his only Copa América, tied Ronaldo as the tournament’s top scorer with five goals, delivering critical performances in the knockout stages.

Key debuts included Roque Santa Cruz of Paraguay, Juan Román Riquelme of Argentina, Ronaldinho of Brazil, and Ecuador’s Johnnier Montaño, who set a record as the youngest player at 16 years old.

Japan participated for the first time, broadening the tournament’s scope.

Brazil’s Matches:

Group Stage:

  • Brazil 7, Venezuela 0:
    • Goals by Ronaldo (26’, 63’), Emerson (40’), Amoroso (55’, 82’), Ronaldinho (75’), Rivaldo (84’)
  • Brazil 2, Mexico 1:
    • Goals by Amoroso (20’), Alex (45’); Isaac Terrazas (74’ for Mexico)
  • Brazil 1, Chile 0:
    • Goal by Ronaldo (36’)

Final Phase:

  • Quarterfinals: Brazil 2, Argentina 1:
    • Goals by Rivaldo (32’), Ronaldo (48’); Juan Pablo Sorín (11’ for Argentina)
  • Semifinals: Brazil 2, Mexico 0:
    • Goals by Amoroso (25’), Rivaldo (43’)
  • Final: Brazil 3, Uruguay 0:
    • Goals by Rivaldo (20’, 27’), Ronaldo (47’)

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