The most valuable squads: Palmeiras lead the way in South America

In a list dominated by Brazilians, the Sao Paulo club defeats Flamengo.
2022-04-18 21:17:29

According to a Transfermarkt research, Palmeiras boasts the most valued team in South America. The squad, which is a two-time Libertadores winner, have a market worth of more over 160 million euros, which puts them ahead of Flamengo, who have held that position in previous seasons.

The substantial presence of Brazilian clubs is another feature of the list. Although River Plate and Boca Juniors of Argentina are in the top five, the remainder of the list is dominated by Brasileirão clubs.

The most valuable squads in South America

The three clubs that have dominated Brazilian football in recent seasons are now among South America’s top four, indicating that additions have paid off.

Palmeiras’ team is worth more than R$ 860 million, making it the most costly in Conmebol’s 10 member nations. With 159.1 million euros (R$ 822 million), it is slightly more valuable than Flamengo. The latest Libertadores final was participated in by these two clubs.

The top remainder of the top five are River Plate, Atlético-MG, and Boca Juniors. The Argentine squad is regarded for having excellent players and have had a number of successful seasons in recent years. They were the last team outside of Brazil to win the championship in 2018, and they finished second the following year.

See the value of the top 5 teams in South America!

Most Valuable Clubs in South America (Source: Transfermarkt)



Cast Value (Euros)

Palmeiras Brazil 167.4 million
Flamengo Brazil 159.1 million
River Plate Argentina 134.7 million
Atlético-MG Brazil 123.7 million
Boca Juniors Argentina 98.2 million

Brazil dominates the list on the continent

Two Argentine teams are among the top ten most valued in South America, while the remainder of the top ten are Brazilian outfits. Corinthians, which is valued 88.7 million euros, are in sixth place.

The ten most valuable brands include Red Bull Bragantino, Sao Paulo, Santos, and Internacional. The performance of the Bragança Paulista squad may come as a surprise, but the stats reflect the energy drinks company’s investment in the club.

This list is expected to alter in the following years, thanks to the passage of the SAF Law. Botafogo, Vasco, and Cruzeiro have already confirmed their commitment to the club-company arrangement, while other clubs, like as Bahia, are considering doing the same.

Palmeiras has well-quoted revelations in the market

The existence of certain famous Brazilian football discoveries explains Palmeiras’ leadership. Danilo, a Brazilian midfielder, is valued at 22 million euros (R$ 112 million) and has attracted the attention of European football powers.

In addition to the highlights Dudu (€12 million) and Raphael Veiga (€12 million), we may include Gabriel Verón (€12 million) and Gabriel Menino (€11 million), who are older but still among the finest players in the parents.

Gabigol of Flamengo is the most expensive player in the nation, with a price tag of 26 million euros (R$ 132 million). Guilherme Arana and Matas Zaracho are the most valued players in Atlético MG, who rank fourth on the list.

Libertadores trichampionship is main objective

Palmeiras began their season in search of their third Libertadores title after winning the previous two. In the group stage, the team has suffered two losses in two games, the most recent of which was an 8-1 loss against Bolivia’s Independiente Petrolero.

Their major opponents are the same teams who are on the list of most valued squads. Aside from the Argentines, who are a true thorn in their side, Atlético and Flamengo both want to return to the top of the American continent.

Simultaneously, Danilo, Dudu, Raphael Veiga, and the rest of Palmeiras’ players are vying for the Brazilian Championship and the Copa do Brasil, both of which they missed out on last season. As the values demonstrate, financial resources are not in short supply in order to win all championships.